About Us

Established 2005

Green Table Foods is a family-owned business located in Guelph, Ontario. We’re enamoured by the great fermentation traditions of the world. Our approach is simple: “Food is Life.” Since 2005, we’ve been making nutritious, lacto-fermented vegetable foods with certified organic, farm-direct ingredients, one small batch at a time.

Our ingredients

We purchase our ingredients directly from farmers in our region. This ensures a fair price for the hard work they do and a stable price for our customers. We like to call it “local fair trade.” With respect for people being the motivating force, it helps to put food dollars directly back into our local economy. We do not use any weird or unpronounceable ingredients and we keep our supply chain as simple and transparent as possible.

  • Each ingredient meets our high standards of integrity and flavour.
  • Everything is processed in-house — from peeling and slicing our own carrots, to grinding fresh ginger root, to slicing cabbage into thin, lacy furls.
  • Wild fermented — our process requires no out-sourced starters.
  • “Certified Organic” in Canada means 100% GMO-free!

Because we are a Certified Organic company, how we handle our food is just as important as what goes into it.

  • We don’t irradiate our food. No irradiation means better retention of vitamins and enzymes, and no formation of unique radiolytic products.
  • We do not pasteurize, a process which destroys vital nutrients, enzymes, and pro-biotic bacteria. (We adore those microscopic little buddies.)
  • We use 100% reusable and recyclable North American-made glass mason jars, because they’re better for our health and our planet.

Our Leadership Team

Joshua Whitehead

Joshua Whitehead

Founder & CEO

Since 2005, Joshua has developed Green Table Foods from a humble start-up to a national brand. He met Caroline at a seafood restaurant in Chia-Yi City, Taiwan R.O.C. in 2001. They live together in Guelph with their three children and their fourth already out of the nest. Joshua carries a firm belief in the ample health benefits that can be produced when focusing on optimizing the homogeny of our gut biome. His passion drives his creativity to formulate new and innovate products for our consumers to enjoy.

Caroline Pilon

Caroline Pilon

Founder & CFO

A bilingual academic from McGill University, mother of four, and a charismatic leader, Caroline continues to make sure that the ship stays the course, and that the fleet continues to hold pattern. Caroline has helped evolve Joshua’s humble beginnings into the national brand Green Table Foods is today. For the last 15 years, she has worked tirelessly to build and maintain the company’s valued business relationships. Ferments are not only Caroline’s passion- she also has a great love for live music, singing, and supporting local music scenes.

Shannel Noseworthy

Shannel Noseworthy

Director of Operations

As the daughter of our CEO and CFO, Shannel has been a part of Green Table Foods since she was a teen through watching her parents’ vision evolve from humble beginnings to a national brand. She holds an Honours Degree from the University of Waterloo where she extensively studied Organizational Psychology and Human Resources. Outside of Green Table Foods, Shannel is a mother of two, wife to a tradesman, and spends her free time caring for her rescue animals and volunteering within the community.

Contact us

Reach out to us if you have questions or if you'd like to start carrying our fermented products at your retail location.

Phone: 519-826-0361
Email: organic@greentablefoods.com

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